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The Power of Good Guidance 

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On Whole brain development

Babies are Born Learners

Younger the babies, Better the learning


Child's intellectual and behavioural development


The bonds between Parent - Child Relationship


Meet The Founder - Mrs. Hemali Gada

Hungry Brain was established by Hemali Gada, who has been involved in training, development, and learning for 2 decades.She is a ‘Buzan’ Licensed Instructor (BLI) and ‘Think Buzan’ Licensed Instructor (TLI) She is also a renowned ‘Mind Map’ Trainer and was trained by Tony Buzan himself, inventor of the world-renowned Mind Map technology.

Having an experience in counseling, she could understand the impact of the environment on Brain development at a very different level.

With her passion for Nurturing Potential, she has developed expertise in developing modules for babies from birth to 7 years of age and conducts workshops for parent-child relationships and parenting skills.

Our Experts are the Finest!

Since 2008, Hungry Brain has specialized in Child Early Brain Development.

With proper training from Mind map and DASI Trainer, Hemali Gada, we have developed various programs that promote fun learning. Results are astonishing and with proper guidance, your child can also fully unlock their brain potential at the right age.
Something that has always been ignored by many

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