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The most successful Program
Now More Colourful

One of our most successful programs is the

‘Fun with Dots and Numbers’.

Children as young as 3 months can identify numbers and also solve complex math all thanks to the ability of the program and the science behind it.

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Watch it to believe it

Colours & Maths

Now that your child’s vision is developing, it will slowly start understanding colours. It will need help as colours can tend to be confusing. With the inclusion of colours in ‘Dots and Number’ we double the fun of Maths and colours.
Your child will begin associating various colours and as a result improve its vision as well. Their ability to perceive colours begins with such cards. Post counting dots it opens various avenues to fun activities for the child such as count only red or which colour dots are more and which ones are less.


Enhances minute observation skills
Introduces and familiarizes colors
Develops Strong
Logical Thinking
Sharpens Baby's
Perceiving Skills
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