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A simple way to support newborns to settle in this new world and build a strong bond with their near ones in their way.


Fun With Dots & Numbers

Age: 3 Months +

A baby's vision is still developing and not entirely matured from the time they are 3 months old to the age of 8.5 or 9 months. Due to their simplicity and ease of processing, red dot cards are more likely to catch the attention of babies at this age because they only have one contrast color.

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Most babies can distinguish a larger range of colors by the time they are 9 months old and have more developed color perception. With colorful dot cards, they are even more attracted and involved.

Age: 9 Months +

Colorful Dots & Numbers


Product details...

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  • Baby’s first card: To build a bridge to support the newborn to adjust in the world.

  • Vision Stimulation program: Supports in developing newborn's vision and association skills.

  • Auditory, Olfactory and Tactile stimulation kits: Strengthens newborns sensory pathways.

  • Black and White chart: Early brain development happens when baby is awake without their parents presence.

  • A detailed product usage manual for sensory stimulation set. 

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A content baby is a growing baby. When your little one feels secure, stimulated, and content, their development can flourish at a remarkable pace. By embracing the extraordinary nature of the newborn world and providing intentional sensory stimulation, you can set your baby on a path of accelerated growth and discovery.

We are dedicated to supporting the growth and development of every child.

Helping parents navigate the journey of parenthood with confidence.

Empowering parents to be their baby's  best supporter.

Guiding parents towards a strong and healthy bond with their baby.

Our Mission

1 Million Babies Solving Equation at the Age of 3 Years by 2025

The Brain Behind hungry brain !


Hemali Gada, the founder of Hungry Brain, has researched for over 2 decades and developed early learning programs that focuses on whole brain development for babies. She is a highly skilled trainer in the use of mind mapping technology, having been trained by Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind maps. In addition to her work as a trainer, She has also served as a child-parent counsellor and has developed courses on parenting to help strengthen the bond between parents and babies. 

Hemali Gada


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