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Discover the Wonders of Early Parenthood with "Newborn's Learning Journey: First 60 Days"

Welcome to a journey of love, learning, and growth.
"Newborn's Learning Journey in the First Two Months" is a thoughtfully designed course to guide you through the crucial early stages of your baby's development.
This course is your companion in unraveling the mysteries of your newborn's world, helping you create a strong foundation for your child's future.

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Details of Complimentary Course Modules

"Newborn's Learning Journey"
​​(First 60 Days)

MODULE 1: Understanding Your Newborn's Learning Journey

  • Discover the extraordinary impact of your role in your baby's growth.

  • ​Explores various stimulation types essential for early childhood learning.

  • ​Highlights the key importance of visual stimulation in baby development.


You will Learn

 The crucial role of early stimulation in a newborn's development and how it impacts their confidence and self-esteem.

MODULE 2: Enhancing Child's Learning through Sensory Stimulation

  • Explains sensory pathways and their significance in child development.

  • ​Discusses the critical role of sensory stimulation in early months

  • ​​​Covers various sensory stimulations: olfactory, gustatory, tactile, auditory, and vestibular​​.


You will Learn

The advantages of incorporating multisensory stimulation to facilitate your baby's learning process.


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MODULE 3: Understanding and Maximizing Your Baby's Growth

  • Emphasizing the rapid learning abilities of infants.

  • ​Discussing the role of flashcards in early learning.

  • Exploring the concepts of risk and safety awareness in newborns.​


You will Learn

How to effectively support and accelerate your baby's natural learning and cognitive development.

MODULE 4: Cultivating Advanced Thinking Skills in Children

  • Discusses nurturing different thinking patterns and brain development in babies.

  • ​Emphasizes the role of association in developing cognitive skills.

  • ​Focuses on fostering logical reasoning and innovative thought processes in children.


You will Learn

The  strategies to stimulate and expand your child's thinking abilities for their overall intellectual growth.

MODULE 5: Nurturing Creativity and Intuition through Right Brain Training

  • ​Highlights the distinct functions of the brain's right hemisphere.

  • ​Focuses on techniques to stimulate and develop the right hemisphere for creative thinking.​

  • ​Emphasizes the importance of balanced brain development for overall intellectual growth.


You will Learn

To discover strategies for fostering your child's right brain development, enhancing their creativity and intuitive problem-solving abilities.

MODULE 6: Left Brain and Whole Brain Development Strategies

  • Analyzes the critical role of the left brain in logic, analysis, and language skills.

  • ​Offers methods to enhance left brain functions alongside right brain creativity.

  • ​Introduces integrated brain exercises for a well-rounded cognitive development.


You will Learn

Strategies to strengthen your child's left brain skills while fostering a synergy with their creative right brain for balanced intellectual development.

MODULE 7: Cultivating Newborn Observation Skills for Enhanced Learning

  • ​Focuses on enhancing newborns' inherent ability to observe and process information.

  • ​Explains the importance of sensory experiences in developing observation skills.

  • ​Demonstrates how parents can guide and nurture these skills through targeted activities.


You will Learn

The techniques to develop and refine your newborn's observation skills, a critical aspect of their early cognitive development and learning process.

MODULE 8: Enhancing Perception and Acceptance in Early Childhood

  • ​Explores the concept of perception in young children and its impact on their learning.

  • ​Discusses strategies for parents to understand and nurture their child's unique perspective.

  • ​Emphasizes the importance of acceptance in shaping a child's confidence and self-esteem.


You will Learn

To perceive and accept your child's individuality, fostering a supportive environment for their cognitive and emotional development.

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Why This Course is Essential:

1. Expertly crafted modules tailored for new parents.

2. Learn at your own pace with flexible access.

3. Support and guidance from a nurturing and knowledgeable instructor.

Embrace this unique opportunity to connect with your baby on a deeper level. Click below to register for "Newborn's Learning Journey (In the First Two Months)" and start your adventure into the world of early parenthood filled with love and learning.


About the Trainer

Hemali Gada, the founder of Hungry Brain, has researched for over two decades and developed early learning programs that focus on whole-brain development for babies. She is a highly skilled trainer in the use of mind mapping technology, having been trained by Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind maps. In addition to her work as a trainer, She has also served as a child-parent counsellor and has developed courses on parenting to help strengthen the bond between parents and babies.

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