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Learn how to improve your Child’s Academic performance

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Gift for your baby to enhance the future in school academics.

Awaken your baby's full potential with our revolutionary flash cards designed to provide a head start in cognitive development. Stimulate their young minds and watch as they grasp essential skills such as memory, attention, focus, and concentration in an engaging and interactive way which will boost the growth of their academic foundation.

Unleash the Creative Force of Early Learning with M.A.F.C. Ignite your Baby's development


Why Memory, Attention, Focus & Concentration (M.A.F.C.)

M.A.F.C. can make your child responsible for the academic task's.

Transform's your child's thinking potential into a smarter view.

 It will help to boost cognitive growth in your child. 

Child's academic interest and learning potentials will get developed

M.A.F.C. will help your child to increase their confidence and personality.

What you'll learn

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The Power of Flash Cards:

Unveil the secrets behind why flashcards are the ultimate tools for early learning.


Captivating Attention:

Discover proven techniques to grab and hold your baby's focus and attention.

Boost Memory Skills:

Learn how to enhance your child's memory retention and recall abilities.


Sharpening Focus and Concentration:

Master techniques that will nurture your baby's ability to concentrate on tasks.


Maximising Learning Potential:

Tap into your child's full learning potential and set the stage for future academic success.

Our course uses methods that actively involve kids and visually grab their attention, improving their academic achievement, self-esteem, personalities, and overall growth.

Our course focuses on developing child's capacity for sustained focus by providing useful, interesting, and interactive flash cards. This helps them develop a critical ability for efficient learning.

Program's activities measure and develop the brain's ability to maintain attention, leading to increased concentration skills and attentiveness in the surroundings.

Our program help you and your child focus intensely, improving their ability to retain knowledge. It will also empower them to become a more focused and attentive learner.

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Course Details:

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Pre-recorded video lessons for flexible learning at your convenience.

Language :


Duration :

45 Mins

Course Access Duration :

1 Month

About the Speaker


Hemali Gada

Founder of hungry brain

Hemali Gada, the founder of Hungry Brain, has researched for over 2 decades and developed early learning programs that focuses on whole brain development for babies. She is a highly skilled trainer in the use of mind mapping technology, having been trained by Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind maps. In addition to her work as a trainer, She has also served as a child-parent counsellor and has developed courses on parenting to help strengthen the bond between parents and babies. 

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