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During the early years, creating a supportive, loving environment filled with warm, gentle interactions helps the baby’s brain to develop.
How you can help your baby’s brain development

Your baby's brain develops through use — by your baby interacting, observing, and doing things.

You can help your baby's development by creating a stimulating environment with different types of activities that offer your baby the chance to play. It's through play that they learn important skills like talking, listening, moving, thinking, solving problems, and socializing.

You can play and spend time with your baby by:
  • Singing together

  • Reading books

  • Talking about what you’re doing and seeing

  • Playing games like peekaboo

Hungry Brain has emphasized this phase in your child's brain development with the following Program.

Sensory Stimulation Set For Newborn (Full Term) Baby.

It provides the following benefits :
  • Supports baby to adjust in this new world

  • Enhances clarity in vision.

  • Develops sensory pathways.

  • Deepens ability to differentiate various exposure.

  • Creates initial ability to focus.

  • Boosts memory and its recollection.

  • Lays a foundation for lifetime fun learning.

Early Brain Stimulation Program

Newborns to 18 months
In the initial months, brain development is very fast and the baby has a huge hunger for learning. Sufficient exposure enabling learning makes babies satisfied and happy, resulting in a more developed brain....

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