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Raising an emotionally

intelligent child


Mentor's Corner

Dr. Varsha Bhosle is an MBBS MD (PEDIATRICS) and a Certified trainer of Emotional Intelligence Development. Register now so that your children are much more likely to enjoy strong mental health, stable, satisfying relationships, and rewarding work life.

Dr. Varsha Bhosle


Dr. Varsha Presents: Master Emotional Intelligence in Your Child

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Topics to be covered

Parenting Primer

Your children learn from you through your actions, much more than your words. If you can’t communicate your emotions through your behavior, they won’t respect their own emotions.

Remember that you can’t convey what
you don’t exemplify


Try to learn from your children

Children haven’t unlearned EQ as you may have. They make friends easily and retain their capacity for joy because they’re naturally empathic and instinctively ready to feel their emotions fully.


Unhappy parents raise unhappy children

If you’re exhausted and depressed by the demands of parenthood, your children will be depressed, too. You can’t sacrifice yourself and do anyone else any good, so keep yourself healthy if you hope to raise healthy children.


Be quick to apologize when you make mistakes

Let’s be realistic; you will let your guard down from time to time we all do. Fortunately, you have a simple tool for ensuring that your errors don’t do permanent damage. It’s called an apology, and it comes in pretty handy throughout parenthood.

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